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It Came As Quite A Shock

Cover credit to Thank you (:

“Come on, Lachie!” I called to my¬†eight month old German Shepherd puppy.

He came bounding along the hallway towards me, carrying his lead. At such a young age, Lachie was very clever. He had taken a shine, over the last month, of carrying things for himself.

I slipped the lead on him and handed it to him. He took it in his mouth. He liked to walk himself and I was amazed that, at such a young age, I could trust him to walk himself and not run away.

“Do you think we should go to the beach today, Bud?” I asked him.

Lachie’s ears perked up at my words. People who said animals couldn’t understand humans were only kidding themselves.

The beach was Lachie’s favourite place to go. I had first taken him there when he was four months old but that had been the last time as after that we had hit winter. It was far too dangerous to go to the beach in winter, the ice froze over and the place was a danger zone. Winter had finished officially a week ago and I figured it would be safe enough to go there now.

Lachie went bounding across the yard and stopped in front of a stick. Whenever Lachie knew we were going to be going near water he liked to take a stick with him, for me to throw and him to go splashing in after.

Lachie dropped the lead he was carrying and looked at me, then back between the lead and the stick. Deciding how he was going to carry both no doubt.

I laughed and jogged towards him. “Here, Buddy, how about I walk you today?” Continue reading