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12426898-256-k447321“Look behind you,” my friend Adam said to me quietly.

“Which picture?” I asked Adam while turning to look behind me. It was easy to spot the man that Adam meant because he was staring right at me and I was suddenly glad I had used the picture excuse, it didn’t make me seem as obvious.

“Oh, yeah, that is a nice photo of the pub back in the old days,” I said to Adam, looking at the picture that was located directly behind the man who was staring. Even if I had of been looking at the picture, I would be lying to Adam about it being nice. I hated that picture, it was the worst one that they had hanging in the pub. I often suggested to the bartender that they should take it down. They always agreed with me yet, never did anything about it.

I turnt back to face Adam.

“You know him?” He asked me, quietly.

I shook my head. “I’ve never seen anyone quite like him in my life.” This was true, I hadn’t. He had an eye patch over one eye and a shaggy beard that grew out in curls. It looked as if he hadn’t made any attempt to maintain his beard in years and he also had a wooden leg. The closest thing I had ever seen to him was Hagrid from Harry Potter and even then, Hagrid looked like a male model compared to this guy.

“Do you know him?” I asked Adam.

Adam shook his head. “Nope, besides, it’s not me he’s watching.”

A cold shiver ran down my spine. What was with this guy? I could still feel his eyes on my back and it was starting to make me uncomfortable. Maybe if I looked at him again he would look away? I did just that and was met by a cold look from him but once again, he didn’t look away, just continued staring.

I wondered if I should confront him but a part of me was afraid that he was some sort of physcho that got his kicks from choosing random victims in bars. The last thing I wanted was for him to follow me home so I would have to stay at the bar until after he left.

“I wonder who he is?” I asked Adam.

Adam shook his head again. “No clue. Hopefully not some physcho choosing random victims in bars. Best to wait here until after he leaves aye?”

I gave Adam a funny look, had he just read my mind? Continue reading