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Drinking water for the Royal New Zealand SPCA

10354937_568742433230074_7851051631867460677_nBack in February I decided that I wanted to do some sort of good. After talking with friends and family I decided I would give up all drinks but water and in return, people could donate to my fundraising page if they wanted to.


The proceeds from my fundraising page go straight to the Royal New Zealand SPCA. They are a national New Zealand charity that look after and require funding to help animals, as they are not government funded.


It makes me sad that every month hundreds of animals are left at the SPCA mainly due to unresponsible owners. While the SPCA do their best to find good homes for all animals this is not always possible.


If I could, I would adopt every single animal so that they had a loving home. I can’t though, so I hope my fundraising efforts make a little bit of difference.

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