A Thousand Years

I wiped my eyes as Codey entered the room.

“Are you okay?” He asked with concern when he saw me. I could understand why, I bet I looked terrible with puffy eyes and a snotty nose.

“I’m fine, it’s just..” I flicked my eyes towards the T.V.

Codey followed my gaze and rolled his eyes, “Seriously, Emma? Why do you watch that? It makes you cry.”

Codey was referring to the music video I was watching. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. It did make me cry but I loved it. Why wouldn’t I watch it again and again? I sighed. Codey would never understand the female species.

“Because, Codey, I love this song and the video.”

Codey rolled his eyes again and sat down beside me to watch it again on repeat. He looked at me, “Have you watched the dvd yet?”

I shook my head, “No. I’m watching it after I listen to this song a couple more times.”

“Oh, great,” Codey muttered. I smiled, though he complained, I knew he would stay and watch it with me. He was the best boyfriend.

“Which Twilight dvd is it we have to watch?” He asked.

“Breaking Dawn Part One,” I informed him.

“Oh. Your favourite one? Right?”

I nodded. It was my favourite movie from the Twilight series. Mainly because it featured this song and also because it has the scene where Bella and Edward get married.

Codey got up and I knew he was heading to the kitchen to make popcorn. He was at my house so much he knew where everything in the house was located off by heart.

Three minutes later he came back carrying the popcorn bowl and I took it from him. I was very greedy when it came to popcorn. It was my favourite food and poor Codey struggled to get his fair share when he was sharing with me. He never seemed to mind though, claiming that he did expect things to be like that, considering it was my favourite food.

The A Thousand Years music video ended and Codey quickly got up to put the dvd on before I could play the video again as I had planned. Codey hated to see me cry more than he hated the Twilight series. That was okay, I would watch the music video again later. I smiled to myself, I did have it on my laptop, my desk top computer and my phone after all.

Yes, I was obsessed with the song and I had no shame in that. At least, it wasn’t Justin Bieber. I smiled to myself again, glad my friend Jess couldn’t hear my thoughts. She was obsessed with Justin and refused to speak to anyone who said they didn’t like him, for a day.

Codey pressed play on the dvd remote and I relaxed back into the couch to watch it. Codey sighed and muttered to himself during the romantic Bella and Edward parts and I smiled to myself. If I made him watch this movie enough he would become engrossed as much as I was. That is what happened with One Tree Hill. He used to hate it, now he loves it and will happily watch it with me. He even had a favourite character on the show, Nathan Scott.

The Breaking Dawn movie was over before I knew it and I felt sad. Time always flew by when I was watching this movie, yet when I watched my least favourite movie, The Chase Is On, time slowed down. I wondered if it was coincidence that my least favourite movie was Codey’s favourite movie.

When I had told him that I couldn’t understand what he liked about that movie from the terrible acting to the lack of a good plot, he had said what I hated about it was what he liked about it. The terrible acting was funny to him. I wondered if I would ever understand the male species.

Codey got up to turn off the movie and I grinned. Now I could watch the A Thousand Years music video again.

I grinned at Codey and he seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. “Nooo, Emma, why? What is it about that song that you have to listen to it so much?”

I collected my thoughts, I was happy that Codey had asked me that question. I had been wanting him to ever since he found out it was my favourite song when I met him, one month ago. It was just, I didn’t know where to start with explaining what that song meant to me.

“It’s,” I paused, “It’s just the most beautiful song ever. You know?” Codey’s face told me that, no, he didn’t know but I continued anyway.

“It’s amazing. When I hear it I feel as if I am lost in the song, like, I can feel what Christina feels when she is singing. I can feel what Edward and Bella feel when they are getting married because of that song. It is an incredible song and it just amazes me every time I listen to it. Like, I have listened to it on repeat over a hundred times and I am still taken by how it makes me feel every time I listen to it. Then, the video, it just backs up everything that the song makes me feel.”

Codey was smiling at me as I finished my little speech. “Huh, maybe I will have to listen closely to the song myself and see if I can feel what you are saying,” Codey said.

I smiled at him, “You should do that.”

Codey nodded. “I definitely will, but for now, I must go and pick up Latham from school.”

Latham was Codey’s little six year old brother and Codey was Latham’s main babysitter. Their mother worked two jobs and their father was a lawyer and he often had cases that required him to go out of town.

Okay, I’ll hear from you later then.”

Codey nodded and kissed me good bye. I shut the door once he had left and I headed upstairs to my room.

I shut my door and turned on my laptop. I smiled to myself as the voice of Christina Perri sounded through my room and the lyrics of A Thousand Years engulfed me.

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  1. I loved reading your post, dear friend.. Yeah, this morning too, when I woke up and opened my laptop, I forgot to turn off the music player on which “A Thousand Years” by “Christina Perry” was being played.. I listened to it several times, this morning and even last night.. Just love her voice and that amazing song with some deep meaningful words.. :) her awesome song made my morning, SPECIAL.. :)

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