About Aimee

FB_IMG_1441570427682Hello! I’m Aimee, an avid reader and a lover of writing. I’m now a self published author!! (The most exciting, yet frustrating thing I have ever done) I love adventures and travelling, plus I work in a book store! Now how’s that for bloody good luck?! 😀 I have six pets and if you don’t already know, you’ll soon find out I am animal mad 😛 I have an awesome family, a pretty cool boyfriend and some pretty great friends. They’re my biggest supporters (:

On this website you will find..

*My stories

*Random musings about life

*An article on the time I participated in Gigatown on the Gigatown Timaru team and had an awesome time!

*Stories about my pets

*My book!!

*A place to leave a review if you buy my book, read my book and enjoy my book!

Hope you all enjoy.

-Aimee Duff (:


3 thoughts on “About Aimee

  1. I would love to go through your amazingly awesome posts, dear friend.. Personally, I love to read about Pets and Awesome Music.. :) cheers!

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