Blogmas day 1: What Christmas means to me

15380700_991830187587961_2249492106256704997_nI know I’m a little late to the Blogmas party but I really love writing so I’ll do four Blogmas posts today in order to catch up. Starting with: What Christmas means to me.

It’s very easy to lose sight when it comes to the festive season. Retail stores get very into the Christmas spirit which is wonderful but often you can find yourself thinking it’s all about material items. But, it’s not.

In my opinion, Christmas is spending time with family or friends and just having a bloody good time.

Eating two or three courses of the main and forgetting your diet while you help yourself to lots of sweets and puddings maybe even trying something new. For example, last year my boyfriend, Shaun, had never had trifle and I had a blast introducing him to one of my favourite puddings.

Christmas is laughing and joking with your family, forgetting all of the worries and stress you have been dealing with all year. Getting out the back yard cricket set and hitting a few wickets. Making fun of your brother while he takes the absolute piss out of you, complimenting your mother on the delicious food and enjoying watching your father relaxed and carefree. Getting excited with your eight year old niece about all the presents and smiling at the memory of when you were that age.

Christmas is also about giving. Seeing the smile on your families faces as they open the gift that you’ve spent ages on, trying to think of the perfect thing or them getting excited watching you open your gifts because they’ve also spent ages finding the perfect gift for you.

Christmas is about catching up with your friends and making sure they are okay. Enjoying them just having a really good day.

There’s always a bit of sadness around Christmas as we miss the family members who are no longer with us. My family lost Grandad on my mother’s side two years ago and it’s always very sad not having him around but I try to remember how happy he always was on Christmas surrounded by his family.

Another of my favourite parts of Christmas is the annual Secret Santa. The ones we do at work and the one I do every year on Twitter. There’s nothing quite like making someone else, sometimes a complete stranger,  feel special by finding the perfect gift for them.

I love everything about Christmas and Christmas decorations and dressing up the house is a lot of fun but my favourite thing is family and friends and making others happy on Christmas (:

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