Blogmas day 2: Christmas gift ideas for your partner

It can be really hard deciding on the perfect gift for your loved one. There’s so much pressure at Christmas with gift buying that you forget about what they actually like.

I have always been a big fan of getting meaningful gifts. My boyfriend works in IT so I made him a plaque with the binary (0s and 1s) code on it.  Then I thought about his favourite TV show and got him a mug with his favourite TV character (Moss from the IT Crowd) on it.

Sometimes I like to get gifts that I like to remind him of me. One year I got my partner a teddy bear (just a small one because he’s not as big a fan as me of teddies) and although they are not really his thing he absolutely loved it because it reminded him of me and, teddies are really cute.

You don’t always have to buy a gift for it to be special. You can make something and your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend may appreciate it a whole lot more because you really went out of your way to make the gift.

Sometimes you don’t even have to make or buy anything, sometimes even just doing a simple task that your partner would usually do will mean a lot to them because you have taken something off of their plate.

Speaking of plates, pretty much everyone loves food so why not make your partner a dish that they absolutely love. I guarantee this would really mean a lot to them. I made my boyfriend a Spaghetti Pie a couple of weeks ago and I’ve never seen him so excited about food.

So there you have it, with a little creative thinking you can find the perfect gift many different ways.


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