Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Gift Ideas.

girlyChristmas shopping is hard, especially when you’re on a budget. There’s so much pressure to find the perfect gift but often they are so expensive.

I’ve compiled a list of gifts you can buy that are good, suit all kinds of people and they won’t break the bank.

Gifts for the animal lover: I come from a family of animal lovers and one of my favourite gift ideas is getting a portrait done of their animal. There is heaps of artists advertising their talents on places like Facebook and Twitter and you can get a bargain at only $20.

Failing that, I love the art prints on www. they have some adorable animal prints for a bargain and some artists even send you a little bonus gift.

If you have an ultimate animal lover on your hands, perhaps you could gift them a copy of my self published book Don’t Shop, Adopt. You can feel good because, not only are you supporting me, a portion of your sale will be donated to the South Canterbury SPCA. You can visit to have a look for yourself.

Gifts for the book lover: Book lovers can be so hard to buy for, can’t they? Some of us will only read certain genres and some of us are willing to read any genre at least once. There’s a heap of cool websites related to books that you can check out but my favourite is Whitcoulls. They often do little features with new release books, good books for her and good books for him. Failing that, why not gift them a gift voucher and they can choose their own present! Everybody wins! However if you really want to give a physical gift perhaps you could ask for an exchange voucher. If it’s not their thing, they can swap for something that is.

Gifts for the car lover: Car enthusiasts can be quite hard to buy for because they only use certain product on their car and like to be careful. So maybe, get them a gift voucher for their local Auto shop so they can choose their own product. Or one idea I really love is getting a portrait done of their car or a car they really love.

Gifts for the chocolate lover: This one is one of my favourite gifts to buy. There is so many different types of chocolates you can get and heaps of online lolly shops running specials all year around. For something different, try gifting your favourite chocolate so the giftee can try something new.

Gifts for the girly girl: There is so many nice perfumes that you can get for not too dare. I love receiving perfume as a gift it gives me a chance to try things that I possibly wouldn’t buy myself.  I really love they have such a variety. Failing that, perhaps you could try something sparkly like a Christmas bauble of their favourite colour?

Gifts for teens: Teenagers seem to love Vlogger’s at the moment. Heaps of Vlogger’s have recently released books that would make a really good gift. Maybe you could get them something technology related or a gift card that they would love. Perhaps a gift card from the Apple Store or, if they’re on Android, a Play Store gift card.

If you have someone that is really hard to buy for try they have a heap of cute and quirky gifts, a little something for everyone. Gift cards are another great option- then they can pick a gift for them self!


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