Rubex Cube


I looked towards the hallway where my name was being called from. I felt like I had been caught doing something bad. I was staring at a book I had in my hand. I had meant to return it to the library the other day and now it was over due. The fact that they had my name on record as issuing the book technically meant I hadn’t stolen it but I sure felt like I was.


Emerald came rushing in to my room. She was only six so she didn’t get the concept of knocking yet.

“What’s wrong, Em?”

“Alex is hogging the bathroom again! If he doesn’t get out soon I’m going to be late for school!”

I smuggled a laugh that threatened to escape from my mouth. Emerald was usually a laid back kid but when it came to school she was quite serious. She had never missed a day in the year she had been there. My parents often joked that she was their favourite because they had no trouble getting her to bed on a school night or getting her up for school in the morning.

“You won’t be late Em. I’ll get him out.”

“Okay!” Emerald grinned and went sprinting out my door and down the hallway towards the bathroom. I heard her banging on the door.

“Alex! Ruby said you have to get out now or else I’ll be late for school!”

I smiled, shaking my head. Alex didn’t care about being late for school or whether Emerald was late for school so her cries weren’t going to make much difference.”

I got up off my bed and placed the over due book in my bag. I felt almost sad that I had to take it back. I had been reading a book by Mitch Albom and at first I had been scepticle about the nature of the book and I had surprised myself by really enjoying it. I made a mental note to look for the book online after school.


“Coming Em!”

I knocked on the bathroom door. “Alexandrite! If you don’t get out of the bathroom now I’m leaving without you and you can walk or take the bus to school! I know you don’t care about being late but Emerald does and I refuse to let you make her or me late!”

The bathroom door swung open. “Ew, Ruby, you know I hate that name. Just because Mum and Dad thought it was a good idea to name us all after gemstones does not mean I am on board with it.”

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“Violet! Come back here!” I took off running as my German Shepherd dog sprinted down the road after my neighbours rabbit, Snowball.

“Violet! Get back here or your not having dinner tonight!”

Violet stopped in her tracks and looked back at me, cocking her head. Dinner was her favourite part of the day after walk time. She came scuttling back to me with her tail between her legs.

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A Thousand Years

I wiped my eyes as Codey entered the room.

“Are you okay?” He asked with concern when he saw me. I could understand why, I bet I looked terrible with puffy eyes and a snotty nose.

“I’m fine, it’s just..” I flicked my eyes towards the T.V.

Codey followed my gaze and rolled his eyes, “Seriously, Emma? Why do you watch that? It makes you cry.”

Codey was referring to the music video I was watching. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. It did make me cry but I loved it. Why wouldn’t I watch it again and again? I sighed. Codey would never understand the female species.

“Because, Codey, I love this song and the video.”

Codey rolled his eyes again and sat down beside me to watch it again on repeat. He looked at me, “Have you watched the dvd yet?”

I shook my head, “No. I’m watching it after I listen to this song a couple more times.”

“Oh, great,” Codey muttered. I smiled, though he complained, I knew he would stay and watch it with me. He was the best boyfriend.

“Which Twilight dvd is it we have to watch?” He asked.

“Breaking Dawn Part One,” I informed him.

“Oh. Your favourite one? Right?”

I nodded. It was my favourite movie from the Twilight series. Mainly because it featured this song and also because it has the scene where Bella and Edward get married.

Codey got up and I knew he was heading to the kitchen to make popcorn. He was at my house so much he knew where everything in the house was located off by heart.

Three minutes later he came back carrying the popcorn bowl and I took it from him. I was very greedy when it came to popcorn. It was my favourite food and poor Codey struggled to get his fair share when he was sharing with me. He never seemed to mind though, claiming that he did expect things to be like that, considering it was my favourite food.

The A Thousand Years music video ended and Codey quickly got up to put the dvd on before I could play the video again as I had planned. Codey hated to see me cry more than he hated the Twilight series. That was okay, I would watch the music video again later. I smiled to myself, I did have it on my laptop, my desk top computer and my phone after all.

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