Blogmas day 2: Christmas gift ideas for your partner

It can be really hard deciding on the perfect gift for your loved one. There’s so much pressure at Christmas with gift buying that you forget about what they actually like.

I have always been a big fan of getting meaningful gifts. My boyfriend works in IT so I made him a plaque with the binary (0s and 1s) code on it.  Then I thought about his favourite TV show and got him a mug with his favourite TV character (Moss from the IT Crowd) on it.

Sometimes I like to get gifts that I like to remind him of me. One year I got my partner a teddy bear (just a small one because he’s not as big a fan as me of teddies) and although they are not really his thing he absolutely loved it because it reminded him of me and, teddies are really cute.

You don’t always have to buy a gift for it to be special. You can make something and your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend may appreciate it a whole lot more because you really went out of your way to make the gift.

Sometimes you don’t even have to make or buy anything, sometimes even just doing a simple task that your partner would usually do will mean a lot to them because you have taken something off of their plate.

Speaking of plates, pretty much everyone loves food so why not make your partner a dish that they absolutely love. I guarantee this would really mean a lot to them. I made my boyfriend a Spaghetti Pie a couple of weeks ago and I’ve never seen him so excited about food.

So there you have it, with a little creative thinking you can find the perfect gift many different ways.


My favourite part about NZ Secret Santa

By now, most people know that I absolutely love Christmas, sure it’s often tinged with sad moments but it’s usually a pretty happy time too. So naturally, when I was told about NZ Secret Santa on Twitter I just had to join in!

There’s a few reasons I love playing NZ Secret Santa, you got to meet some pretty awesome new tweeps, you get to give a gift and get one back and this year we even get badges but my ultimate favourite thing is the gift of giving.

I love giving gifts. There’s nothing better than that feeling of finding the perfect gift and seeing the giftee’s reaction when they open it. I love that part so much! Maybe they have had a hard year, maybe they got Bad Santa’d in the past or maybe they just need cheering up or they are just a really awesome person. I love being able to show them that someone does care and having the opportunity to spoil them. I also love that we get to give a gift to a very deserving charity.

This year NZ Secret Santa was even better for me. My giftee has been bad Santa’d in the past and is hoping for a miracle this year, I can’t wait to see their reaction when they open their gift and see that I took the time to find something special and really meaningful. Hopefully it gives them hope that some of us Secret Santas do try our best.

I hope everyone else is having fun this year and getting excited, like me, to see their giftee open their gift 😀

3 NZ Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I’m a massive fan of NZ Secret Santa and absolutely love what the elves at NZ Post do for us. Maybe you’ve got a giftee that doesn’t tweet much or a giftee that tweets often just not about themselves. Or maybe, you’re just having trouble thinking of a gift idea. So, I thought I would share some gift ideas that I find very useful.


1:Give your giftee something meaningful to them. This could require some next level sleuthing or maybe not much sleuthing at all! For example, my giftee had a one sentence bio but what she put in her bio was so good that it provided me with one meaningful idea and the ideas just developed from there!

2. Give them a donation: If they haven’t tweeted much about themselves then maybe they don’t know what they want or have anything specific they need. So, go through their Twitter page and find a cause they are passionate about and donate to that charity. Or if you can’t find one, donate to your favourite charity.

3. If all else fails, go generic. Everyone likes chocolate so if they haven’t tweeted much send them some chocolate, maybe you could send them your favourite chocolate so they can possibly try something new (providing they don’t have any allergies) and if they are disappointed it might encourage them to interact more next year.


I hope this helps (:

Aimee Duff (aimee_tweets_)