Doing my bit for those in need.

In my opinion, breeding and pet shops have their place. However, I absolutely hate the thought of there being so many breeders in the world that we have become so over populated with dogs, cats, rabbits etc who don’t have a home because they have been shoved aside for one reason or another. Why can’t we give these shelter pets a home first? Then if we really need to keep breeding, so be it. 

It aggravates me because a lot of homeless shelter pets are seen as dirty, smelly, and no where near as good as a pure bred pup. This is not fair. They may become dirty looking and smelly because they don’t have a home. This isn’t their fault, it’s the people who buy a kitten for Christmas and can’t actually afford to feed or look after it so they have to let it go. It’s the people who buy that gorgeous puppy in the pet store and then the puppy turns into a big dog, they don’t care anymore and get rid of it. It’s the people who keep breeding their dog’s because there’s a quick fire way to make some money.

You won’t get a bond or love stronger than that of a pet you have adopted. A pet who knows, you chose them over everyone else and you gave them their forever home with a good life. A pet that is extremely grateful to you and what you’ve done for them. You won’t find a pet more loyal, more caring than a pet you’ve adopted. Most of the time, these animals have become timid and frightened because they are so used to being  cast aside, but when you adopt them and you spend the time and care on them that they need they will eventually show you a personality and a character unlike any other. This is one of the main points I tried to get across with my book Don’t Shop, Adopt.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I absolutely adore animals. But, it wasn’t really enough for me to admire animals from a far. Of course, I have seven pets of my own but I wanted to do more than that. This is one of the reasons I wrote Don’t Shop, Adopt South Canterbury.

I did my research and no one in the Timaru region had written a book, giving shelter pets a voice yet. So, I thought, why not me. I set about meeting people in Timaru and surrounding districts, got to know them and their animals and then I put them in a book.

Don’t Shop, Adopt South Canterbury recently turned one year old and while I expected the book to be a hit with people who were in the book, it went way past my expectations and people were talking about how it really changed their view on these animals. Even people in other towns, some as far as the North Island. What started as a way for me to feel like I was helping these animals turned into something completely different and more amazing than I could ever imagine.  I am really humbled by all the support and feedback I have had for this book. I did a feature on the SPCA and every single animal in that feature who didn’t have a home all had a home by the time the book was done which made me happier than you could ever imagine. 

As a plus for every book sale, a donation of the profit goes to the South Canterbury SPCA and this was a personal choice. Not only because the book focuses on animals but also because the SPCA have always been a charity very dear to me. When every one else stood back places like the SPCA took a step forward and gave these animals a place to stay until they could find their forever home. They gave them a place where they were cared for and where these animals were given the daily things they need. I, for one, am forever grateful to them.


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