Fireworks, again.

Personally, I like Fireworks. It’s delightful watching the pretty sparks and flames shooting up into the air and bursting into beautiful colours but to be honest, it’s only meant to be one night a year and I wish it actually was.

I think Fireworks night should be made into a community event, where for just one night everyone gathers at a certain venue and gets to watch Fireworks go off in a controlled environment and away from animals. Because, as usual, a few ruin it for the rest of us. Suddenly one night a week turns into every night that week and a little bit of fun turns to stupidity and the local grassland going up in flames. 

But what bothers me the most is having to watch my animals huddling in the corner, completely terrified because they don’t know what that awful noise is and why I’m not completely terrified too. I hate having to comfort them (which rarely actually works) and watch them shaking, while they go through this horrible nightmare. 

 So please, remember your furry friends and keep them locked safely inside (if possible) or keep them company until the booms stop. 



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