My favourite part about NZ Secret Santa

By now, most people know that I absolutely love Christmas, sure it’s often tinged with sad moments but it’s usually a pretty happy time too. So naturally, when I was told about NZ Secret Santa on Twitter I just had to join in!

There’s a few reasons I love playing NZ Secret Santa, you got to meet some pretty awesome new tweeps, you get to give a gift and get one back and this year we even get badges but my ultimate favourite thing is the gift of giving.

I love giving gifts. There’s nothing better than that feeling of finding the perfect gift and seeing the giftee’s reaction when they open it. I love that part so much! Maybe they have had a hard year, maybe they got Bad Santa’d in the past or maybe they just need cheering up or they are just a really awesome person. I love being able to show them that someone does care and having the opportunity to spoil them. I also love that we get to give a gift to a very deserving charity.

This year NZ Secret Santa was even better for me. My giftee has been bad Santa’d in the past and is hoping for a miracle this year, I can’t wait to see their reaction when they open their gift and see that I took the time to find something special and really meaningful. Hopefully it gives them hope that some of us Secret Santas do try our best.

I hope everyone else is having fun this year and getting excited, like me, to see their giftee open their gift 😀

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